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64 Seven

64SEVEN is in respect of the 7 Basques
provencies. 64SEVEN is the art of liv-
ing locally, As we are local in the Basque
country, local means four languages and
multi culture living together. The world
is a global village, but in order to pre-
serve traditions and reduce consump-
tion, the growing trend is living local.
64SEVEN’s theme is Live Local and
Shine Global, that’s why we have an
exchange with contributors interna-
tionally. 64SEVEN gives the reader an
insight into a private local world, rich
in all things beach, culture and style.
64SEVEN gives an insight into the
people, talent and beauty in the parts
that make up it’s whole. Connecting
with its neighbours, it shines out shar-
ing to the world. It symbolizes coop-
eration and exchange, a microcosm
of a model of how the world can live
together as one. 64SEVEN maga-
zine is in the languages of it`s people,
Basque, French, Spanish and as well
in English, for an international access.

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