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The finest art galleries are, without doubt, the homes and work-places of art collectors themselves.

CABANA takes this premise as a starting point for a journey through undiscovered houses and hidden corners around the world; the obsession of a collector, or a simple object in a flea market or a unique piece of furniture at a design fair…
Sophistication is not about luxury, it is about taste, and taste is ultimately about inspiration, lifestyle and mindset.
CABANA believes a beautiful home interior is inspired more by travel, or by a good piece of literature or an amazing art piece than a dry, ‘arts’ catalogue!

by Fornasetti
Cole & Son, London

A peek into the studio of designer Andrea Anastasio and how the creativity of “doing”, works. Photos by Luciano Romano

An e-mail conversation between Ambra Medda and Martina Mondadori

David Rosenblatt, CEO of 1stdibs, about how it has become a global destination for those who must have ‘first dibs’ on the world’s treasures

Spaghetti al pomodoro: four rules to keep faith with a sacred preparation. Photos by Pasquale Abbattista

The Sense of Home by Charlotte Rey and Duncan Campbell.
Photos by Tinko Czetwertynski

The Trunk Show of Dimore Studio.
Photos by Silvia Rivoltella

Sitting Masks.
Donald Ellis Gallery, New York

Form follows Magic.
A conversation with Barnaba Fornasetti by Christoph Radl

Kunihiko Moriguchi - Living National Treasure.
Text and photos by Nicolas Pages

An “inherited” house. A conversation with Jasper Conran by Antonio Monfreda.
Photos by Giorgio Horn and Antonio Monfreda

Face 2 Face by Linda Fregni Nagler

An Intimate Look. Text by Valentina Franco.
Photos by Federico Pincolini

A conversation with Gaetano Pesce by Mark C. O’Flaherty

Light. Text by Stephan Janson.
Photos by Guido Taroni

In Praise of White.
Text by Paolo Biscottini. Photos by Tinko Czetwertynski

Corso Italia. Project by Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Sergio Asti.
Photos by Santi Caleca

Mellow Yellow on the Hill by Stephan Janson.
Photos by Guido Taroni

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