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Shot Of Joy

SHOT OF JOY is an Amsterdam-based independent magazine.

Shot of Joy inspires, tells stories about people we met and places we visited,
makes you try that one cocktail we liked ourselves or that new recipe we loved.
With stong focus on photography, lots of space and air and no advertisements,
Shot of Joy gives you a moment away from it all by flipping through our pages.
The Shot of Joy-team ? Professional journalists, magazine editors, stylists,
photographers & illustrators with strong roots and expertise in print magazines.
Credo and content : Meet People, Go Places, Taste things !!
For issue 2 we travel to the island of Alicudi and marvel over the isolated life
of painter Marco; we meet up with newlyweds Svea and Jenny in New York;
we see (and taste!) Amsterdam through the eyes of successful food-pioneers
Marco en Niels and go backstage with the Dutch band Zzz. Be inspired!

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